To Be a Sportswriter, She Invented a Man. He Was a Monster

Over the past eight years, Ryan Schultz—a married father of two studying to be a pharmacist—has been a prolific online baseball writer. 

He's also been a serial harasser of women, who claim he would get drunk, force himself into their online lives, "get aggressively horny," and threaten to hurt himself if they didn't send nude photos of themselves, which some did. "No one expected that this moody White Sox fan from Missouri would actually be a teenage girl," Deadspin reports in an upsetting look at catfishing, digital harassment, sports writing, and how young women see men online. 

It starts with 21-year-old Becca Schultz, who admitted this week—after being discovered by several women—to creating the "Ryan Schultz" character when she was just 13.

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