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LeSean McCoy: Lamar Jackson Needs to Reach AFC Title to 'Silence Critics'

LeSean McCoy: “When I look at a player, especially a quarterback, I look at ‘OK, who has he gone up against?’, and we’re going to talk about Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Rodgers, Tua, all those dudes. And the second layer is ‘what are you doing up against the quarterbacks in your Draft class?’ He’s being paid top-dollar right now, and Josh Allen is being paid top dollar right now— same draft class. Josh has been to an AFC Championship Game so it’s time for Lamar Jackson. That’s the guideline. Look bro, you gotta pass that. At least get there, and then when that happens you have so much time to get a Super Bowl. But we gotta see who gets to the big games and that’s the AFC Championship Game.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch former NFL star and FS1 studio host LeSean McCoy explain why he thinks reaching the AFC Championship Game this year is going to be the only way for Lamar Jackson to truly ‘silence his critics’, as the polarizing 26-year-old is about to embark on a five-year, $260 million deal.

Jackson has compiled a dominant 45-16 record in four and a half seasons as the Baltimore Ravens starter, but is just 1-3 with an ugly 68.3 passer rating for his career in the playoffs.

Check out the short segment above as McCoy says Jackson has to start keeping up with the other All-Pro QBs in the AFC the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, and Josh Allen, all who have made AFC title game appearances, if he wants to receive the type of respect he thinks he deserves around the league.

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