Chip Kelly: Beating LSU Felt Big

Photo: Sean M. Haffey

UCLA Bruins Head Football Coach, Chip Kelly joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Chip reminds Dan that it’s only their second game of the season so his celebration after defeating LSU on Saturday consisted of simply heading home for the night, despite the fact that it felt like a big win for his program. They discuss in detail the strength of their running game and how he has adjusted their offense to take advantage of the personnel on the roster. He remains humble about their early season success and says he wishes they had a game this weekend so they could keep their momentum going. And Kelly talks about his sarcasm at practice and how great coaches like Bill Belichick and Nick Saban often have tremendous senses of humor.

Chip Kelly: “We went home because it was a night game so there wasn’t a lot of celebration. When you got to play the late games here on the west coast, got to get your sleep. So we had to be back in the next day and grade the film so, just went home after the game.” 

Dan: “That’s it? Nothing?” 

Chip: “Nah, it’s game 2! ” 

Dan: “OK, it feels like this was a big win. Did it feel like a big win to you?” 

Chip: “It did. I think the Rose Bowl was electric. Obviously, you’re playing a team from LSU and the SEC West, and you know the reputation that they have and what a good football program it is, so our guys were excited about it.”

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