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Paul Allen

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#92Noon in Indy! 9a Hour 2/28 - Stefanski/Kwesi

#92Noon in Indy! 10a Hour 2/28 - Cronin/Petzing/McCarren

ESPN's Courtney Cronin joins for Bears intrigue and Combine talkers, then Cards OC Drew Petzing talks about some old days coaching in MN and his current like working with Kyler Murray, then Packers longtime radio analyst Larry McCarren offers a Border Battle perspective!

#92Noon in Indy! 11a Hour 2/28 - Grigson/Florio

Sr VP of Personnel for the Vikes, Ryan Grigson kicks off the final hour with the guys, then Mike Florio pops on as the final guest of the Combine festivities!

#92Noon in Indy! 9a Hour 2/27 - Adam Schefter/Jordan Reid

PA, Pete Bercich and VEN's Gabe Henderson are in Indy for the NFL Combine! ESPN insider Adam Schefter joins to kick off the show, then his ESPN colleague and draft expert Jordan Reid sits down to break down players for April's draft!

#92Noon in Indy! 10a Hour 2/27 - Tatum/Lewis/VikesBites

You'll hear from VEN's Tatum Everett in the opening segment, followed by the Athletic's Alec Lewis on Combine festivities, then some Vikes Bites talkers to wrap the hour!

#92Noon in Indy! 11a Hour 2/27 - Kevin OConnell/Dave McGinnis

Vikings HC Kevin O'Connell kicks off the hour with PA & Pete, with some insight into the team's view as Free Agency and the Draft approach! Then, Titans radio analyst Dave McGinnis offers some perspective on what his team will do with the 7th overall pick, but as former head coach of the Cardinals in 2003, they re-live the "NOOOOOOOO" moment at the end of the regular season!

#92Noon! 9a Hour 2/26 - John Hynes

Slow cooking into a Monday morning with local team vibes from the weekend, Vikes Bites, then Wild coach John Hynes joins PA midway through the hour!

#92Noon! 10a Hour 2/26 - Baratz/Chris Finch

IFA's Blake Baratz is in studio for a long segment for the agent's perspective not only on NIL in college sports, but the upcoming NFL combine! Then, Wolves coach Chris Finch makes his weekly appearance!

#92Noon! 11a Hour 2/26 - Lavelle

Lavelle in studio with Nordo talking about the Twins and all you "payroll pouters!"

#92Noon! 9a Hour 2/23 - Greenway

Charch has the week off, but it's still a Friday Feast! Some Gophers/Wolves fodder to kick things off, then Chad Greenway is in studio before Vikes Bites finishes the hour!