The Power Trip

The Power Trip

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HR. 1 - Invitation

HR. 2 - Kelsey Cook & Chad Daniels Join The Show

Comedians Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels are in studio to talk about the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival

HR. 3 - Initials Invitational Semifinal #2

The G.O.A.T. & No. 1 seed Aj Mansour, Mark Parrish and Tyler George battle for a spot in the Initials Invitational championship game

HR. 1 - Vertigo

Sauce details his struggles with vertigo

HR. 2 - Salty Water = Sharks

Cory has some potentially life-saving advice for those who are afraid of sharks, John Bonnes does a Twins deep dive, Rosie returns!

HR. 3 - A.I. Rosie

Mark Rosen is back after a short absence and Hawk introduces the world to A.I. Rosie!

HR. 1 - The Pecker Hour

The Vikings won, the guys talk about the win as well as some more important matters from Sunday's game. Plus, Mike Grimm is in studio to talk Gopher football and share the audio of his movie line call from Saturday

HR. 2 - Return of Italian Meatsauce

Muss and Leber share their thoughts on the Vikings first victory of the season, Sauce does the sports with an old friend making a return to the show

HR. 3 - Dwyane Wayne

Alexander Mattison calls in to talk about his squad's first victory of the season in Charlotte

HR. 1 - JPMorgan Sink

Tommy Olson has a wild conspiracy theory surrounding the Titanic, week 4 of the Charch Challenge commences