The Power Trip

The Power Trip

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HR. 1 - Dead Last

HR. 2 - Hawk's Daisy Dukes

Marney Gellner and Mark Parrish join the Friday fun and talk about their golf picks, Sauce leads Fan Five

HR. 3 - Initials Game 525 feat. Kevin O'Connell

Vikings Head Coach Kevin O'Connell joins the show and plays Initials Game 525

HR. 1 - Shaboozey

Some of the guys learn who Shaboozey is, Tommy Olson makes another Thursday better

HR. 2 - Ewww

Tommy thinks a picture is...ew, Hawk has the news, The Power Trip welcomes special guest Bernie to the studio

HR. 3 - Serial Sneaker Stealer

The Poker conversation comes to a merciful end for another year at least, Cory has Headlines

HR. 1 - Brandon I Outta Here

Hawk takes us back to the year 1996 and shares some fun facts about Interstate Highway naming

HR. 2 - Nine Out of Ten

The numbers are in and Sauce's shirt idea was a tremendous sucess

HR. 3 - The 2024 Initials Invitational Bracket Reveal

Cory reveals the seeds and matchups for all 45 players in the 2024 Initials Invitational presented by St. Paul Federal Credit Union!

HR. 1 - Prime Day

John Bonnes makes his regular appearance, Hawk celebrates Prime Day the only way he knows how